Seeking the Private Sector Input for the UAE Trade Agreements

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey conducted by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Our goal is to understand what challenges and requirements the private sector faces in trying to reap the benefits of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPAs) the UAE is set to conclude and sign with target countries namely, Chile, Vietnam, Ukraine, Kenya, Pakistan and Thailand.


Your participation in this survey will provide invaluable insights that will help inform our negotiation strategies and priorities with CEPA countries. It will also help to ensure that we secure the best deals possible with Turkey, Australia and Georgia to achieve greater market access for UAE goods and services exports, significantly reduce non-tariff barriers to trade, and promote and facilitate bilateral investment opportunities.


The survey has a total of 7 sections, please read them carefully and provide the answers to the best of your knowledge based on previous engagement with each target country. The survey is expected to take on average  10 minutes, but we ask you to be as thorough as you can in order to give us  the guidance needed to help make a difference in designing the regulations and policies your company may need in the near future. Some questions are optional and you can skip any question you find irrelevant to your knowledge.


Please note that you may be contacted by the Ministry of Economy upon completion of this survey for additional insights or clarification on your responses, if needed

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